* this week was a tough one, full of bickering, way too much yelling and overall yuckiness

* by night all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and fall into a deep sleep,  not that that happened. Harkin wakes often and usually with some sort of scream these days.

* soccer finally finished so now we can have our evenings back

* Harkin went from calling me mama to mommy- his little voice melts my heart

* rain, rain and more rain

* working hard on making a big breakfast for my growing boys so I can tame their hunger beasts

* love watching my boys get so excited over new books from our library trips

* played a new game with the boys "egyptians"

* had robotics class and horseback riding lessons

* baked corn muffins and apple turnovers with William

* love listening to the gentle sounds of Landon's guitar playing

* Harkin got his first toothbrush (we had been using a finger brush) and loves to do it himself, after mommy does it. 

* Harkin is 20 months old today!

* hoping for nicer weather this weekend and some calmness among our house

homeschool art: degas

This time we met we read this book about Degas and then every child had their own clay and created a sculpture of their own. It is so awesome to see all the different ideas each child has and see them all talking and working together.  The boys so look forward to this day. I am glad that we can make it happen.

a slow day

With the rain coming down heavy and a tired and sick little man, we had a quiet day at home.  We had fun making guys with play-dough, doodling on leaves and playing trivial pursuit. William is so into trivia right now. He likes to sit and just read the questions by himself. Last week I had found the original edition, but the questions are a bit too hard for all of us to play, this week we found the youth edition, which is just perfect. There is a mix of yes and no, multiple choice and then just answer if you know it questions. We spent over an hour playing before the sun came out and we headed out for a bit of  fresh air.

We all needed one of these days- where we didn't have to be anywhere. There were lots of hours spent reading and playing with our toys as well. It was a good recoup and now we are ready for the weekend.

wind tour

We had the opportunity to get up close to the wind turbines that produce some of Vermont's electricity. This was a rare tour. They only open it up to groups 2 times a year. It was pretty neat to hear them swish up close and learn all about them. We also got to go into one to see what it looked like. Thankfully it was a windy day so they were working at full capacity. A pretty neat day.

busy day at play

Harkin's morning, noon and night.

His days are full and it is so much fun to watch as he learns something new everyday just through his natural curiosity and of course imitating us. His cozy pose on the chair is exactly what Eric was doing on the big couch at that moment.


The boys spent the afternoon creating their own tether ball game!
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