little red hat

I finished a new hat for Harkin a few weeks ago. It is just like his big brothers, only smaller. He loves putting it on all by himself.  He is getting to be so independent these days. I am currently working on a sweater to match. Hoping it gets done sooner than later.

another year gone by

This past weekend I celebrated with my amazing family. We had dinner out, which we decided that it will probably be the last one for a long time. Harkin was so not into it, which is typical of a 19th month old. Thankfully we were the only people in the dining room. I do love seeing all my boys dressed up though. They are all so handsome. It was a pretty mellow day but spent with those whom I love dearly. Thanks boys for making it a nice day.

apple picking


What fun we had this past weekend picking apples. Harkin thought it was a blast to be up on Eric's shoulders picking fruit off the trees. He spent plenty of time munching as we went along. We came home with two full bags and hope to spend some time baking lots of yummy apple goodies this week.

sunday smiles

preparing for winter

The boys have been busy preparing for winter all summer long. There have been many trees felled off of our property and now they are working on splitting it all. Next comes the stacking. It is hard work to keep us warm all winter long, but good for them all to be outside and cooperating together.

Right now the days are still pretty warm, but cooler temps are on their way.

exploring cabot

We went for a drive on Sunday, not exactly sure where we were going to end up. We checked out a new place to have breakfast, very toddler friendly! We then headed over to Burke mountain and saw a few mountain bikers coming down the hill. Since we were so close and it would eventually lead to home we stopped in Cabot, Vt where the original plant and now factory of Cabot cheese is. We were able to taste lots of cheeses, which everyone needed. We had few hungry boys in the car. Then we got to go on the tour. We love tours. The boys were really into it and said they learned  a lot about cheese they did not know. Such as... the fact that if a bar of cheese is past its sell by date- don't throw it away. It won't go bad, it just gets to age longer and becomes a stronger cheese.  We are really into buying local and have been buying Cabot products for a long time now. The tour just made it hit home a little bit more. We were able to see some of the farmers that were on a video that we watched.

It was a pretty good adventuring day.

homeschool art group:Picasso

This time we met we read the story about Picasso and then made our junk sculptures. The kids had been collecting stuff for the past two weeks and were very excited about making things. Some kids made more than one, i.e. Landon.  It really is such a fun group of kids and they spend about an hour working on their projects. They like to see what everyone else makes and sometimes get ideas from one another. I am glad that we decided to do this.
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