photo contest

William entered a photography contest this fall and the results are in. These two photos of his won.
The Bear and A Sample of Fall

I am very proud of him for giving it a try and he was excited to find out he received a ribbon for each photo. He has taken over my old camera and loves to take pictures. Very excited for him.

some makings

Our days at home have varied from pretty mellow with tons of outside  sledding time to packed full of creating goodness.  There has been homemade wrapping paper, dozens of cookies-all made by William-, special crafts for gifts, and then some new decorations just for us.  The time is going by so quickly. I can't believe there is only a week left before Christmas. I feel like Thanksgiving was just yesterday. We will be finishing up much of our crafting this week and then just playing with maybe a tad bit more baking.

how harkin embarrasses william

Harkin has his own hat basket. We keep all of our gloves, hats, etc in there. Lately as we are leaving the house Harkin wants to wear his neck warmer as a hat. It has not been too cold so I let him, not worried about the hole on top of his head. However, William is not too amused. He thinks he looks weird and said he didn't want to know him while we were out at the Dr.'s, grocery store and library.  He soon got over it though and continued to play and talk to his little brother.

I thought it was rather funny and he did get a couple of smiles from onlookers, but a toddler can get away with it all. I will need to hide it though as the temps drop and he needs to wear a real hat.

decorating the tree

The boys took it upon themselves to decorate the tree yesterday while I was lying down. I was not feeling great. They helped Harkin put a few of the non- breakable ones on and he was just so excited. As are the boys. They also took all of the pictures of one another. So backsides it is. 

But the tree came out great and it is always fun to see the ornaments. We try to add some homemade ones every year and then they each receive one as a present each year so when they move out they will have their very own collection. I had started with Hallmarks but have since moved onto Danforth Pewters being that we are living in Vermont and they are made here.  Plus I think they are nicer.

All day today Harkin would go over and admire the ornaments and take a few off so he could put them back on on again. He is such a funny little kid. Right now the big boys are so excited for Harkin to celebrate Christmas. They think he is really going to get into the whole present thing, which I am sure they are correct.

candy cane making

We went to a local candy shop to watch a candy cane making demo and then everyone got tot make their own candy cane into whatever shape they wanted to. It was fun to watch and do but a bit overcrowded for our liking. Harkin thought it was pretty cool to stand and see it all happening however. He had fun making his candy cane but hasn't given it a try quite yet. The boys said theirs were tasty.

on the hunt

We headed out for our tree a bit earlier than normal for us. There was lots of good pickings and great snow for Harkin to get a fun ride. Eric had lots of help this year as William is getting stronger everyday. We brought it home and sat it next to the fire to thaw out before moving it into the living room. Jaxson thought it was fun to pull the snow off the tree while Harkin liked to report how it was doing every so often, telling us that more water was dripping.  The boys put the lights on it tonight and there will be some ornaments added this week.

over a foot

Since Tuesday it has snowed every day. There is most likely about a foot and half currently on the ground. The boys are thrilled as now they can sled and build igloos and snowmen. It is such a wonderful time to be out in the snow. I love when it first falls and everything is so quiet. I am excited that tomorrow is the last day of hunting season because then we can walk in the woods again. Winter is here, finally!
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