in the fresh air

Getting outside into the brisk cold air always makes me feel so much better and alive. The boys have such a great time. They have a fort that they have been working on for awhile now and then of course there is the sledding hill. So much fun to be outside with them all.

a day in the life of us:: 1-21-15

So I have been reading many posts about a day in the  home school life- mostly over at simple home school.

I thought I would write one about our life right before the baby comes because things will be different in a few days. This is an average day in our life. I wouldn't say homeschooling since we really live an unstructured way and learn in all that we do. So this was what the day was like on January 21, 20015.

6:00am: Harkin wakes up to nurse, then rolls over and goes back to sleep for another hour or so. Eric comes in about 6:30 to say good-bye for the day.

7:30am: Harkin wakes and we snuggle and play in his room. The big boys wake slowly and read or quietly play in their room.

8:30am: We are all awake and having breakfast together. Then chores: laundry, dishes, garbage, recycle, and walking the dog.
The boys practice handwriting or quick review of math and then have some time to read, play or work on  a puzzle.

10:00am: We all gather for a group activity. Today the boys were working on the structure lesson. Some days it is their own thing or a planned activity from me. Some days this would be when we headed out to do errands or go to the library.

10:45am: The big boys switch off playing with Harkin while I work on a few essential skill work with each of the boys individually.

11:15am:We have a quick snack and then everyone gets bundled up and heads outside to play. Harkin loves being with his big brothers and this gives Mama a little break. I do laundry, check email, rest, or whatever else needs doing.

1:00pm: The kids have come in and and we are having lunch. It is a bit later than I would like for Harkin but that is just the way some days go. After lunch we clean up and read a book together and then it's nap time for Harkin. William and Landon spend some time in their room reading alone. I usually doze off  for about 20 minutes with Harkin before leaving his room.

2:30pm: I come downstairs with the big boys. I try to read to them and then we all do something quiet. It varies each day: crafting, science project, playing, baking, scrap booking,  etc. Today Will  wants to read more and Landon continues to work on his whittling skills.  I write a blog post.

3:30pm: Harkin wakes up. Everyone hangs out together playing. William decides to go downstairs and workout for bit.  Most days the boys go back outside. I try to join them to get some fresh air myself.

4:30pm: Afternoon chores. We straighten up the house and get firewood.

5:00pm: I start dinner, while one of the big boys showers and the other one does some work on the computer. (Landon is currently using Reading Eggs to help with his reading and William is working on a code program.)  When they are done, they help with dinner, get the table set and feed the dog. Harkin is happy doing his own thing or snacking with Mama while I cook dinner.

6:00pm: We sit down to eat dinner. Most nights Eric is able to eat with us or walks in the door while we are eating. Everyone is happy to see Daddy.  After dinner we clean up and have some hanging out time with Dad and start getting ready for bed.

7:30pm: Harkin heads to bed with Mama. The big boys read with Eric or play a game.
Then they are in their rooms quietly. Landon turns his light off at 8:30, William reads until 9:00 and then off to sleep. If Harkin falls asleep quickly then I will read with the boys before they go to bed.

9:00pm: I come down to finish cleaning up for the night. Dishes and laundry. Then I try to knit or read. Eric usually reads or watches a show. Most nights he is asleep by 10:00. I should be also but lately I haven't been sleeping well. I am ready for the baby!!

That is kinda how our days go. It varies regularly, but we try to have meals, chores and nap time on a regular basis. Lots of reading and playing.

due date

So today is my due date and there is nothing going on. I am ready to meet our little girl but she wants to stay inside a bit longer. Hoping by the weekend, she'll be ready to meet her big brothers. 

Maybe she is waiting for Mama to finish this little hat for her. I did get a sweater done though, which I am happy about.

structures # 2


This week in Landon's architecture class he was learning about line segments. They used straws and paperclips or hole punches to attach them. William decided to join in this week. His is the top one while Landon's is the bottom one. Landon made playground equipment for his playmobil.

They both enjoyed doing this project and spent quite a bit of time on it. There was problem solving when one way wouldn't work and they had to do it differently. Then they had a great sense of accomplishment when it all worked out. A good mornings work.

a new skill

The boys have been busy practicing and making things with their new skills of whittling. Another Christmas gift, a book with ideas and a new knife. Makes for a perfect afternoon activity when the temps are below freezing.  I am really pretty proud of them as one of the things they made ( a gift) took them a lot of time and required patience. But I suppose when it is something you desire and want to do you will work hard at it until it is done to your liking.

little bits of harkin

 Loving smoothies. He sees the blender and gets SO excited. Starts jumping around and shouting "yeah".
 Being at the table with his brothers doing his "work". Just like them.
Going to the library with his very own book bag. He gets 5 new books each time and loves to carry them all by himself.

duct tape swords

Landon received this book for Christmas and has been busy making many of the weapons. This past weekend Eric helped all the boys make the swords after they had gotten all the materials. Harkin is thrilled to be just like his big brothers and they all have fun together battling. I would never have given a 23 month old a sword years ago, but as this is number 3 and he has older brothers to watch, things change.
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