capturing the roll

Trying to get her roll onto film. Kinda funny. She has it mastered though.

the chair

Issabelle was getting quite frustrated whenever we sat down to eat a meal and she could not be at the table with us. She tried out Harkin's chair and thought it was awesome! We then were on a search for a second chair. We were able to find a like new one on eBay and this one had a 5 point harness so it keeps her in a bit better while they are younger. She is so happy to have her own spot at the table and will be joining us in the meal.

july lake days

We have been enjoying the lake several times this month. It is great fun to spend the day with friends or sometimes just us. Now that we have gotten it all down, hoping to go lots more before fall hits.  Many of the parks we go to are all around lake Champlain but we have tried out a few smaller lakes and they are just as beautiful!

the first bike ride

Since Issabelle is sitting up we thought we would try out a bike ride. She is fine sitting in the trailer with Harkin but she decided to cry pretty much the whole time. She was hungry and these days she will not nurse when we are out in public. Any little noise she gets distracted and just wants to look around. So she was happy in my arms but not in the trailer. The boys rode for a little bit and Issabelle and I had to stop and wait for them to come back and pick us up. We will try another day when she is better rested and just fed.

the music box

Every morning my little girl loves to sit and play us some music. She is usually joined by Harkin within his drum, followed by all the instruments in the box.
It is a great wake up call to their big brothers. (they disagree:)
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